Recurrent Questions

Do I need to book in advance?

We always advise you to make a reservation, either by phone or here, so you can be sure of being welcomed.

I made a reservation and I’m late, what’s going on?

If you are more than 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to rent out your table. Please call us to avoid this inconvenience.

What payment methods are accepted by the establishment?

We accept bank cheques and cash, as well as payment by credit card, visa card, etc.

Lunch vouchers (cheques, tickets, cards), vacation vouchers and American Express are not accepted.

Does the restaurant have an annual closing period?

The restaurant is generally closed at the end of February, at the end of August, and on Christmas weekends. To find out more, please visit our News page, where we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Is the restaurant accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, the restaurant “le salon”, the reception room and the washrooms are accessible. However, the terrace is accessible by two steps, and we are happy to help people with special needs to climb or descend them.

What are you planning for the children?

For children under 10, a €17 menu is available. We recommend that you let us know at the time of booking if we need to provide a children’s menu.

We do not have high chairs or booster seats.

Do you offer dishes for special diets?

We advise you to inform us of any allergies, intolerances or special dietary requirements at the time of booking. Adaptations are possible, but in order to fully satisfy you, we prefer to be informed at the time of booking.

For vegetarians and vegans, without prior notice we cannot guarantee an alternative to suit your lifestyle.

We do not offer halal dishes.

Are pets allowed on site?

We accept pets without any problems. We recommend that you inform us of your pet’s presence at the time of booking, so that we can provide the best possible accommodation for its well-being, yours and ours.

I booked outside, it’s raining, what’s going on?

We always plan for this eventuality, so your table can be set up indoors in case of bad weather.